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About Hi-Gene

The Problem

Every day too many children across the globe die from diarrhoea, a direct consequence of poor hygienic circumstances. A lack of clean water and soap but most of all a lack of knowledge are at the root of this problem.
800,000 kids every year. That’s almost 2200 kids a day! To compare: that is the equivalent of 73 Dutch elementary school classes. Every day. It’s hard to fathom.

How it all began

How often have you heard about this issue this year? In the newspaper of on television? Probably not very often. No wonder, that Serious Request, the initiative of the Dutch radio station 3FM, has designated this as a quiet disaster.
Odd, really, that it is this quiet, because reducing child mortality is one of the millennium goals. If we continue at this pace, we will never reach that target. It is time for attention! And not just that. It is time for action. At Vebego we agreed. And that is how Hi-Gene came to be.

Our contribution

In making Hi-Gene a success we are calling on the core business of Vebego: our knowledge of facility management, our capabilities with regard to excellent hygiene and our experience with building and strengthening sustainable partnerships. They are all used to make this project work.
Hi-Gene is warmly engaged in spreading knowledge about hygiene. In schools, at hospitals and in local communities. Furthermore, Hi-Gene facilitates the creation of a sustainable chain, so that in addition to providing knowledge, we can also provide in clean water, soap and good sanitation.


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